Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A 30 Min. Run

I'm not the only person raising money for cancer research!  Ben is my "honored teammate", meaning he's the one fighting the REAL battle of chemo while I have all the "fun" of running in hot weather.  But because he's awesome and popular, the youth group in his parish is also raising money for cancer patients and research- you know Relay For Life?  Here's their page- Beulah Youth!  
Go, Beulah youth!

Now for the trials of the Out-of-Shape Episcopal Priest Trying Desperately to Do Good Things Because Her Friends Deserve a Life With A Cure.

Day #2 of training indicated a 30 min run or bike.  Since the coaches said I'm a strong biker, I should concentrate on other disciplines, I decided to be a good girl and go do a run.

It was 87 degrees, with 44% humidity.  That means July weather up here.  But I went out anyway.  After all, knowing it was warm and sticky out, I took the opportunity to have a frozen chocolate smoothie for breakfast.  I know when the outdoor thing is going to work in my favor.  When I get chocolate, that's when.

This workout was probably more taxing than yesterday's.  I'm just a not a runner.  I tried the Fat Cyclist's trick of pretending he's on a bike and running in a circular motion.  But you know what?  Poor Fatty.  He's deluded.  Because you can't coast while running, that's why.

So I changed terrain and ran over the field of a local park.  That was fun and I could make believe I was actually running, as opposed to the shuffle-shuffle I was actually doing.  But all too soon, the park ended and it was back onto sidewalk.

Why does CT hate overhanging shade trees so much?  The roads are in bright sunlight, and all the shade concentrated on regulation yards.  It's like... SUBURBIA!!!

Upon getting home, I had the same issues as yesterday: NO appetite at all, so I forced down a glass of water.  Lucky for me, I'm starting to get hungry now.  And the nutrition people said I should be eating a few more points, so I think I'm going to go make myself something carby and delicious involving tofu.

Tomorrow, a swim coach comes over to try and teach me something about swimming.  Pray for his soul.  

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