Saturday, April 17, 2010

Consecration... yeah, baby!

This has to be quick because I have a sermon to finish, but wow, how awesome was that consecration today?  I don't know Ian very well yet, but I certainly look forward to getting to know his as my Bishop.  I will miss Drew, indeed, who was such a great supporter during some very difficult times.  But I do look forward to Ian's tenure.

Yet it's not the fact that Ian is a very smart intellectual, or a nice person, or that he has a nice beard, or that he has a wide range of church work- all things I have heard from others as they told me about him.  (I'm not sure how a beard qualifies one for the Episcopate, so I'll have to ask Katherine J-S someday if she feels lack of a beard has adversely affected her work!)  The awesome part of this is the really incredible group he is walking into.

Ian joins a Diocese that has Jim and Laura as Suffragans.  Our Diocese is just so lucky to have these two.  I loved seeing Laura's big grin today as she sat on the dais next to Desmond Tutu.  She just smiled the whole service through, as I'm sure I would have as well- because (let's face it) any week in which you get to hang out with Desmond Tutu for work just confirms that your whole job/life sandwich is spread with awesome sauce.  And Jim- I am so glad we get to have him as a Bishop, with his heart for mission and a real gift for listening.  He has led us through this transition with so much grace.  I'm so proud to be part of CT with these guys leading us.

And let's not forget our other colleagues- granted, it's our jobs to serve God and all that good stuff.  But these folks take it to a new level.  I know our transition committee is exhausted right now, but they were all full of smiles and hope.  The choirs were astounding.  I love the permanent deacons and how right it feels to have them doing the work they have been called to do, in so many forms.  I watched a good friend serve as Desmond's chaplain, and I hope he knows that I think he's a super class act and I hope to grow up to be a little like him some day.  Our youth were so smooth and professional as they ushered us- I never had a moment's worry about where to stand or when to go somewhere because I was in the safe hands of one of Emily's squadron of youth.  I love how she empowers them, and how much trust they inspire.

And seeing friends from around the communion- it's not even just the famous people.  It's the regular people like the guy who I know from St. Mark's, or Holly from Richmond and Lauren from Haiti.  It's always amazing to me how I am never alone no matter how far I go- I always run into people who I know and am glad to see.

And when you get to call that sort of gathering "work", you are a lucky person indeed.

Nice job, Connecticut.  Today I'm pretty happy to be an Episcopal priest.  

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