Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bento Packing! Well, Tiffin packing...

So, one of the other blogs I think is adorable is Not Exactly Bento.  I love that she's a regular person who just thinks bento-style packing is cute.  Nothing food-artsy about her.  She started a neat challenge in which she is challenging herself to 30 days of bento packing, every day.  She invited her readers to join her, and offered prizes.

You know me.  I'm all about the prizes.  And I'm lusting after one of the real live bento boxes.  All my bento stuff is not "real".  I have a Sistema lunch cube which is cool.  I have a Mr. Bento-style bento jar, which is bento in a sort of space-age way.  And I have a tiffin, which is my current favorite because I can pack big salads in it.  But the real bento boxes are the pretty ones, with the sort of rectangular shape.  I want one.  So I am doing my own challenge for 30 days, and commenting on NEB's blog.  My challenge is to be more conscious of food portion sizes for 30 days.

You see, Mr. Bento and tiffins are awesome, but I have a tendency to pack them densely and pack every single layer with food.  I think this might be a contributing factor to the 12-15 pounds which have crept up on me since moving to this forsaken land of Connecticut.  I also blame the lack of bike trails and if you don't believe me check THIS MAP, which shows you how I moved away from one of the best bike areas in the country to a place that can barely spell "bike lane".  But I'm going to focus on the portion sizes.  I'm going to concentrate on packing attractive portions and meals, and if I run out of food and have space left, I'm going to give myself permission to fill it with something that is NOT food.

Above was today's tiffin, which is a good example of this resolution.  I have a quinoa-greek salad, apples and celery (and peanut butter in the little container), and a layer of deviled eggs shaped like chicks, and a Cadbury egg.  I had extra space, so I filled that with a little wrapped paper towel to hold it all in place.  Worked like a charm, and I have enough for dinner, AND for a snack later on!  Bento score!

Yes, those ARE little deviled egg chickies.  Aren't they cute?  They are my first attempt at "Food art", and I think the family is in trouble next time they ask me to make eggs for the picnic...

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Jenn said...

Your tiffin box looks wonderful. Good job! And thanks so much for participating in the challenge. Everyone is making such a lovely contribution. :)