Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On a chilly Wednesday before I fall asleep for the day...

What a weekend we had, eh?  Naturally, I spent as much time possible outside in the glorious sunshine.  We've had such a miserable rainy year that it feels like it has been about two years since I've had perfect weather like that.  I went all bike mechanic, and installed pedal straps, a bottle cage, two new roadie tires, and put my first bike computer on my roadie bike- all by myself!  Prior to this, I've relied on my local bike shop to do everything.  I feel like a toddler getting dressed for the first time.  "See?  I did it all by myself!"

In the meantime, life has been fun at work.  I'm not talking fun like the noise that kept me up all freakin' night last night (if you can keep up a deaf chaplain, you are WAY too noisy!).  I've been making some great connections and getting to know my colleagues better since I'm there more.  I've been working on a few little pet projects that I hope to complete in the next few months.  Beyond the board certification drama, I'm also writing a piece on my theology of emergency work.  I'm finding I live in an interesting place right now: I respect my boss so much, and I think she's a testament to hard work and tenacity.  But I'm also finding that we have totally different theories of chaplaincy.  She likes the all-arounder model where any chaplain can pick up any patient anywhere and follow them through an entire stay.  I like the expert model, where a chaplain specializes in a certain type of care.  Lord, spare me the hemodialysis and give me my trauma drama any day!  But I can't always be pithy and fun.  Sometimes, I gotta back this up with research.  That takes time, I tell you.  Serious time.  I hope to be writing drafts soon.

The church is also going through some interesting times- I won't say much right now, but over the next six months, I think a few friends will have some of the most awesome ministries ever taking off.  After five years, it seems most of us have laid enough groundwork to really get our footing.  And there are some totally innovative, awesome, extremely cool ideas coming to our church.  I just pray and hope that the mainstream has enough sense to grab these cool things as they come.

Oh, and did I mention my nifty new tiffins yet?  I should.  Maybe next time.  They are so cool, I dress my daily salads in awesome sauce.  Just wait and see...

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