Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hartford DOES have nice people!

            I like my iPhone an awful lot.  I won’t say that I love it.  Too many other people have already professed their love for the small black slab.  And I don’t love it- but I do admit that I like it.  An awful lot.

            I have my whole brain on it- all my calendars, all my contacts, a few work-related books, a Kindle reader program, a project planning list, notepads, and even a mind mapping program.  (Okay, and PocketGod, if you really must know).  A few months ago, it was stolen.  Many people noticed, because I didn’t show up to appointments, didn’t call people back, and was late to everything and disorganized at those things I did manage to get to.  We replaced it quickly, but because AT&T is mean, I had to pay a greater price. 

            Meanwhile, my beloved M uses his phone as a calendar and as a nifty place to store all his amusing games.  He has a real knack for finding goofy games, like the one where you launch the Easter Bunny into the sky and shake him around to earn points, or the one where you place dynamite to blow up a stick-figure building as flat as possible.  Tragically, he misplaced his this last week.  Not only was he about to miss acupuncture, he had no virtual dynamite.  He’s a man.  He has that manly need to blow stuff up- even virtual stuff- regularly!  I sent the phone a message and we called the various lost-and-founds of the places he had been.  But nothing happened. 

            But yesterday, just as I was about to begin my volunteer shift at Ten Thousand Villages, I got a phone call from an unrecognized number.  Some lady had found a phone beeping insistently, and finally she checked it to see there was an IMPORTANT MESSAGE- the message I had sent asking the phone to call me!  I asked her to leave the phone at the front desk for M, explaining he’d be able to prove it was his by entering the passcode lock.  He went down and retrieved it, good as new.  So we saved a bucket of money and he even got all his fun little games back.   

            The fact that it was returned by a stranger just restores all my faith and hope in humanity.  Did I mention that it was returned by a stranger in HARTFORD, CT?  Hartford’s official city motto is, “Hartford- really, we’re not that bad!”  The hospital really does give you a nice, panoramic view of the city, and it looks so sparkly and hopeful from the 11th floor.  And did we mention the nice people?  So, lady who we will never meet, thank you!

            In other news, I got to spend my volunteer shift at Ten Thousand Villages unpacking boxes from a big order.  The managers are quickly discovering that I have a strange love of the pricing gun and I love to unpack stuff, check it off, and put little price stickers on it.  (Oh, the control-freak joy!)  Getting a whole pile of a dozen boxes was almost more than I could bear.  I was well over my shift when the manager sent me home, but I would have finished out that box if I could have.  Man, is that pricing gun all sorts of low-tech fun!  SKU numbers!  Prices!  Match stuff!  Count things!  Make hash marks and check them off!  Put them away in color-coded areas!  Whoo hoo!  I love it.  I really do.  

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