Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Birthday Bike Ride

It is true that I'm a St. Paddy's baby.  Some years, I'm able to take the day off.  This year, I had to work.  (booo!) But this year, at least, we had some freakin' AWESOME weather!  Naturally, I thought "bikeridebikeride" all the way home.

M had left me a present of a new pair of Native Dash SS glasses to replace the ones I smashed in The Crash.  I suppose I can stop stealing his now.  Glasses, in addition to looking cool and athletic, also protect one's eyes from road debris.  Handy.

I thought I'd take my hybrid out, but as I suited up, my love of my light, lithe road bike won out.  The poor thing hadn't been on a real ride since August.  It was time.  A few pumps to the tire later, and we were ready to roll.  Well, I was still missing my bike computer.  That's the last thing that got lost in the crash that I can't find anywhere.

It is true that I was a little nervous in my ride.  Every road bump was a clenched-teeth obstacle.  Every red light was a terror.  Every car wanted me dead.  Every patch of gravel was plotting to take out my wheels.  I did not ride any train tracks, but if I had seen any, I'd have gotten off and walked.  In a few places, I had to make a U-turn.  I made U-turns that outsized my Beetle's turning radius.  I didn't open it up and let it fly down a single downhill.

I think it'll take a while to feel totally safe again, on my little road bike.  Poor, faithful little steed.

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