Thursday, February 25, 2010

This winter is killin' me!!

I am beyond heartily sick of this weather.  This whole year, actually, has been ugly, cold, wet, and rainy.  I am told it has something to do with El Nino, but why would that badly behaved personified weather formation choose to show up on this, the year that I turned 30 and was given a road bike by my sweetie?  Does nature not know that I have RIDING TO DO?

Seriously, I think my brain will soon explode if I don't get outside on some real roads.  But I am still nervous about trying to ride the roads if they are anything other than perfect.  I still don't have full mobility back in my right hand from that crash last August, and my shoulders still click, my wrist can't bear full weight, and I'm only just starting to regain my flexibility.  I been schooled.  So obviously, me and rain and especially train tracks are not on the best of terms.

Meanwhile in the frozen wasteland I refer to as "reality", it's been horribly cold.  We are talking windchills in the 20s.  We are also experiencing the phenom known to Yankees as the "slopstorm", or "wintry mix", or "the perfect combination of weather to imprison you".

This has all kept me indoors on my trainer, or at the gym.  And I am so sick of the indoors I am about ready to go Bruce Banner in here.  So I thought I would go for a "no matter how cold it is" run (or maybe even a ride on my trusty solid hybrid if the roads were clear?) tomorrow.

The evil weather man is giving me a forecast of MORE SNOW.  Snow!  Snow, I tell you!  I would bet any of you that it is "Sierra Cement"- that horrible, wet, sloppy stuff.

I will get stuck inside, baking, eating chocolate, and riding the trainer to Hindi movies for the rest of my life.  (Let me put in a plug, by the way, for Hindi movies as the best spin accompaniment ever.  You'd totally want to take my spin class.  Not that I do organized spin classes well.  I tend to spend my time imagining I am on a real road and being rudely jerked by to reality by a skinny instructor telling me to "run on the bike for 30 seconds and then do jumps!"  What does that even mean in actual bike language? I do better at home with my trusty Trek and trainer and people randomly bursting into song on scenic mountain tops.)

Whichever of you is in charge of the weather-related religions, please help me out here.  Barring that, please find someone to offer both of us some awesome jobs in the Northwest, which sounds like a balmy heaven right about now.

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