Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bringing Home the Books and Sundry

Just as my home has expanded, so has my office. (Can you believe I used to live happily with all my stuff in a dorm room?) Yesterday, I started work on bringing home all my books and belongings from the church office.

This is interesting, as there was a lot of good times, a little sadness, and some sky-anxiety as I finished services on Sunday. Some folks were ready to rush into my office with windex and start cleaning and I had to gently usher them away so I could empty the place this week.

One sweet parishioner gave me her very own pewter Epiphany Ornament so I will always remember the "Good times". And you know what? I will. I'm going to tuck that into the Christmas box and put it on my tree and remember the good days in Southbury.

In the meantime, it's a little exciting to have all my books at home. I am putting them onto shelves and using my label maker to label the shelves accordingly. Please do not mock my label maker. Yes, M, this means you too! Even you like that you know what kind of dried beans I have put up! Labels are organized and organized rocks. In fact, my mother needs some labels on HER office drawers...

I am putting my kids' toys into the toybox I keep for my nieces and nephews to play with (they are taught the rule that you can play with the red toybox without having to ask permission). It feels comfortable. Does it feel like this is how I will spend the rest of my life? Nope. But for the next few months, it is comfy.

The time was right, and it really feels like the time was fulfilled. Now you must excuse me, because I have to go get my vestments, break the news to my cat supplies person that I won't be coming, get my name off the church funds, and have me some lunch with my rockin' Administrative Associate.

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