Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's concepts.

Well, I'm not much for resolutions. They are far too mainstream, and as I'm sure you've noticed, I'm a vagabond, baby. That means I don't do mainstream. But I do like to have a few good strong concepts that I like to sort of focus on. In fact, I do well with obsessions. Like books, bentos, and naturally, bikes.

I had lots of fun at REI with my nephew yesterday. He made me so proud... marching right up to the bikes, grabbing a helmet, and demanding to go "UP!" on the one with the red flames. Kate will be proud that he selected a bright pink helmet. He later spent about ten minutes climbing in and out of the bike trailers. His dad HAS to get that boy a trailer and start riding with him. He could get his kid hooked like THAT.

Meanwhile... ever since crashing and breaking my hand (badly), you might think I'd have gained an ounce or two of common sense. Unfortunately, if anything, my bike obsession has gotten worse. I am already looking forward to a SUCCESSFUL Mad River Century in Vermont, at the Hyde Away Inn owned by the super-awesome and really sweet Margaret. I can't wait for a good ride this year. I'm walking those train tracks, though...

I'm starting to wonder how soon I can get back on the bike. I started squeezing brakes on REI bikes yesterday, and discovered that it hurts and it's hard... but not impossible! If I can get some serious squeezing rehab in, I could theoretically start getting back out for short rides as soon as the stupid weather goes over 45. I have cold-weather stuff for riding comfortably down to that temp. Hmmmm...

And so, I think this is going to be the year I work to return to what I call my "fighting trim". I want to feel at my fittest again, as if I could leap on a bike and ride a 50 miler without even thinking about it. I want to think about commuting on nice days. Okay, so I'll be riding my road bike on the centuries from now on (even though it crashed me out, I love it anyway), but you get the idea. By the end of this year, I intend to formally ride at least two big rides, attend as a spectator for one big race (more on that later), and maybe even do some commuting. Oh, and not crash. Let's throw that in there too. No major bone-broken crashes this year, 'k?

That's only one big thing, but it's a fun obsession, and as we all know, resolutions are easier when you are obsessed about them. It might just be time for my regular Sunday afternoon gym run... (Walking, naturally. After high winds forced me off the highways this AM, I am very grateful to live in a walkable community!)

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