Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In which I am thankful for backups...

Well, after 8 years of no major electronic incidents... it finally happened. Despite the fact that I'm practically a poster child for electronic responsibility (witness all the word processors, Handsprings, Palms, and laptops I've kept safe throughout three rounds of higher education and residence in at least two big cities), I tried to play the odds last week. I felt the loose clasp on my phone case, noticed it spinning around, and said to myself, "It'll hold for one more day".

Of course it didn't. And my phone was subsequently stolen.

This is where a little retentiveness is helpful. I had it set to erase if too many failed passcodes were entered, and I erased it from afar anyway. And I got a Go Phone and had all calls being forwarded to that phone- parish folk are very welcome that their priest keeps in touch so well! And no new usage has been marked so I figure the thief suffered the pangs of watching my phone wipe itself before his eyes. I back up like it's part of my religion. So when the phone went bye bye, I at least had my calendars and contacts backed up on my computer. So I could press a few buttons and print out a form that was only a few days out of date, instead of screaming wildly at the skies, cursing the unfairness of it all. Although I admit that might have been good exercise.

I will take the opportunity, though, to point out to the weenie who stole my phone that you are indeed a weenie. I am quite sure God will one day have a chat with you about your ne-er-do-well methods of acquiring objects and finances, and I certainly hope he has WORDS with you. Because when the phone displays a message saying, "This phone belongs to a priest. Please return to the chapel. Page ******* for a reward!" and it still don't bring the phone back, I lose faith in my superpower.

In the meantime, I am wishing I didn't have to go to work before the mail got here, because the phone is reportedly on its way to me right now this very moment. So I can replace my brain at last!

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