Monday, January 25, 2010

I hope karma works in my favor...

Recently M and I bought a trainer- it's a thing which immobilizes the wheels on your real bike so you can ride indoors. It's way, way better than a regular exercise bike or a Spinner bike. For one thing, I can use proper form. For another, I ride my real bike a lot harder. I am finding that I get a lot more workouts in- it's easy and fast to hop on the trainer for 30 minutes, especially when I can quickly and easily convince myself it would take too long to walk to the gym and get a decent workout in. (I like to have at least an hour in the gym to feel worked-out. Barring that, give me at least 20 minutes in the waterfall hot tub. I have priorities, okay?) Besides, at home I can ride to Bollywood DVDs or sing along badly to the iPod and no one cares since my neighbors are at work.

Today, it was terrifically rainy and windy- seriously, it's coming down in sheets. So not only was there no way I was going to walk to the gym, I also felt cold. So I pulled out my bike tights* for warmth.

The last time I wore these tights was on my fateful crash. In that crash, I destroyed a helmet, a pair of gloves, and tore open the left knee of the tights. I was just hoping that they'd be salvageable. I know I tore the knee open, because I showed people and my knee still has darkened scars from the road rash.

There's no hole in these tights. They also don't have the worn section on the right hip that mine did. And they are a size bigger than mine, and a few inches longer. Uht oh.

So many people helped me when I was hurt, so I guess that whoever took me to the hospital or helped me pack my bags that day might have accidentally mixed up my tights with someone else's. So out there is some big guy with a pair of too-small tights with a hole in the left knee. And I have no idea who you are.

Thanks for the tights, and I hope I can make it up to the universe one of these days.

**Yes, mother and non-biking relatives. You do need bike tights or shorts even indoors. Let's just say the extra padding of the chamois in the bike shorts is necessary, otherwise you get bruised sitbones from the bike saddle. We'll leave it there... at least until one of my biking friends weighs in and gives you way more info than you ever wanted to know.

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