Friday, January 22, 2010

Giving Thanks for Healthy Cats

Yes, I am well aware of all the disaster in the world, especially for our friends in Haiti. (Have you helped out yet? I recommend Episcopal Relief and Development, because they rock.) And every day I work with human beings who got broken and who have to be reconstructed by the docs. So I don't want in any way to minimize the humanity.

But I am thankful today that my kitties had a perfect vet appointment! I'd been worrying that my kitties were "too thin" and generally worrying that they were somehow not okay. I mean, sometimes Origami nips when he's in this odd trance-like state, and sometimes, they don't eat all their food every day. So I had a little list of questions for the vet at their annual exam.

But the vet said they were perfect in every way. Their teeth are clean, their ears are clear, their weight is just perfect for their size, and they have the best personalities. Seriously, everywhere I've brought them, people go nuts for them. At the office this morning, as I was paying, the assistants were all telling each other, "You HAVE to go see these cats!"

Naturally, this means I'll never have any other cats because I have the Perfect Cats, and no other cat could ever measure up to these two Perfect Cats.

For those who have met my monsters, you will be glad to know their weights... they weighed in at 14.9 and 14.2 pounds. That's a lot of cat. But they are perfect.

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