Saturday, January 30, 2010

Final Sermon

I am sitting in my study surrounded by mostly empty bookcases.  They are waiting for the books I will bring home next week as I empty out my parish office.  The only books I have at home are the ones that I kept for "last minute sermon research" and the ones I brought for this week's sermon.

But oddly, I don't really feel like researching.

As I am working on my last sermon that I will preach to Epiphany, will the people actually hear a sermon that is well-researched, or do they need to hear words that will comfort, look forward to the future, and speak of hope in a time of change?  What would I want to hear when the world is being rocked?

Perhaps faith, hope, and love is the way to go.

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Richard Bateman said...

Faith? Hope? Love? Nah. Go out with a BANG! Do the 8 and 10 in a bikini and heels, tell a few jokes, then end on a song.

God bless you, Betsy. You'd make an excellent priest in downtown New Haven, Hartford or Bridgeport or anywhere where there is a younger 'ipod generation' crowd which needs to be reintroduced to God. This gig was never going to work for a young woman, let alone one of a more 'modern' mindset on social and theological issues.

There is no small irony in that many of the 'old guard' of Epiphany are strong-willed women, feminists of their own age and in their own way, whom I believe actually have more difficulty with a woman priest than the menfolk do.

And don't forget that in your time here you brought two full-grown men back into a relationship with their God. That is no small achievement in itself. And for all that even my eyebrows might have been raised on occasion at some of the things you said or did, I think that throughout some very difficult circumstances and in spite of some behaviors which were undeniably lacking in courtesy toward you, I feel that you carried yourself with all the dignity and grace of a servant of Jesus Christ.

Thanks, Betsy.