Sunday, January 31, 2010


The sermon was rather long (at 1900 words), so I won't post it here.  I will say that it was a very nice last day. I was able to pull it together (with lots of pain and agony) to give a sermon that was actually what I was hoping to say, and people got out of it what I designed for them to get, and a few people had some great insights, which is always cool when their insights expand on yours.

By 11:30, it was all done. The services, the singing, the last of the Eucharist given out. A few slices of cake later, and Martin was rolling up our rug to put in the car. It was tucked in with my office chair, and now we are home. My bookshelves are still empty. This week, I return just to empty out my office and turn over property to the Senior Warden.

At this moment, however, my thoughts are not deep or even very thoughtful. Instead, I am very cheery. You see, my parish gave me a few going away presents. One sweet couple gave me a grow-you-own-catnip. It came with a catnip mouse on top, and as I dangled the mouse in front of one of my kitties, his eyes became as big as saucers. This will be like the second coming for them.

They also gave me a few charms for my charm bracelet. This was totally unexpected, and very sweet! It's the bible charm, and the "faith, hope, love" charm- absolutely appropriate considering that my last sermon was on.... Faith, Hope, and Love. (See how the Holy Spirit gets working in there? No one knew that!)

And most happily, they gifted me with my beloved ball chair! You know those exercise balls some people use for yoga or pilates or situps? Gaiam makes a chair base, so you can put your ball on the base, and have yourself a full functional exercise ball, but also a chair that offers a completely unstable, squishy sitting service. I know, I know, but it's the best chair in the world for a wiggly person like me. It's the only chair I've ever had where no one slapped me for wiggling too much or asked me why I was nervous. I fidget. This chair absorbs and celebrates the fidgets.

So I am very, very happily fidgeting at this very moment on my beloved ball chair, which the parish presented to me and so I get to keep my chair! And that makes me very, very happy indeed.

The story: my administrative associate's chair had broken, and she liked my office chair. I hated that office chair and found it uncomfortable. I gave the chair she liked to her, and instead, we decided to buy ME a new office chair, and somehow I talked the then-Junior-Warden into a ball chair instead of a real chair. I grant you that this chair has been a source of controversy (apparently, some chairs are inappropriate for professionals to use. Go figure? Wonder what Peacebang would say?) but I have loved it. And now it's mine!

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