Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thanking God for the Rice Cooker

Recently, after years of insisting I don't like single-use gadgets in my kitchen (with a notable exception for my olive oil/measuring thingie), I broke down and agreed to get a rice cooker. It has actually turned out to be super handy, giving me perfect rice every time, eliminating my inevitable burned pans and the excitement of one of us screaming "Oh my God, the rice! The rice!", and even steaming additional food (peas and shrimp, anyone?).

And right now it's saving my life. After two days of nibbling crackers, gingerale, and broth, I decided to go wild and branch out into a modified B.R.A.T. diet- I made me some brown rice, opened a jar of all-natural sugar-free applesauce I bought from a nice farmer at Whole Foods' farmers' market, and brown rice and applesauce it is for lunch. Probably for dinner, too. And likely for breakfast. Because right now, I can't imagine ever eating any form of egg ever again. I swear, food poisoning makes raw food veganism look REALLLLLY attractive.

But I picked up a Vegetarian Times at the market today, with a cute picture of what looks like a very yummy soup... in a few weeks when everything is normal and if my mom is nice to me, maybe she can get me to make it for family dinner!

PS- YES, the Christmas sermons are all set, and I'm just working on Christmas 1 (Sunday) now!

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