Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In Which the Vagabond Makes Good Use of Sick Time

Well, I got in a few phone calls to cancel meetings that I am missing because I am recovering from having knocked at death's door. I mean, I totally spent most of yesterday in various stages of asleep-on-couch. Today I am feeling that much closer to normal, although I maintain that I will never eat anything ever again. Well, maybe saltines and broth soup. But that's seriously it.

In the meantime, I've been working on the revisions of my board certification papers, and hopefully will have those done by the end of today. I watched Coraline (it took me two days since I was so sick), and Inglorious Basterds (definitely Tarantino, though I think not one of his best). And that is about all I got done.

I've also been reading about triathlons and charity rides. Mostly because I am woefully out of shape, especially with this slow, slow, slow recovery from the broken hand. It irks me to no end that riders with much bigger injuries than mine could be back on the bike so much faster. The rest of me is physically fit. The problem is the slow return of gripping strength in the right hand, AKA, important brake and shifting hand. Anyone have a cycle trainer they want to donate to me so I can practice indoors for the rest of the winter? But at least I figure that nothing motivates a person like riding for charity causes, and benefiting other human beings. Ah yes, that helping-other-people thing gets me every time. Even when I say I want to take a break from helping other people and all I want to do on my time off is do something that just makes me totally happy without caring about anyone else, what do I end up doing? A few years ago, I was training for Unity Tour. Now I'm volunteering for Ten Thousand Villages. And I'm thinking about doing Team in Training, and maybe I'll think about raising some funds for the Fat Cyclist: Fight Like Susan. Partly because he has a great story but the way he writes about it is so human. And he makes me laugh. And he has some great photos of Lance Armstrong. :-)

But the really fun thing that I've just started researching that involves my own sweet M (who has by the way been my hero these past few days, what with the hard-core driving to the emergency room, and the making of soup and stuff) is going to be our next adventure over the summer. Disneyworld is going to be our big expensive vacation (it's amazing what you can do by literally saving your pocket change!), but we really do love our camping. So we are starting to plan a bike tour for next summer. Yes, as in, we ride out of our parking lot on our bikes, and we ride away into the far away lands, campground to campground, with a bike loaded with stuff. On the bright side, I am optimistic that loaded panniers will cushion any crashes. It sure sounds like fun to me!

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