Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Changing Winds

I just heard that LA elected two new BIshops Suffragan. I assume that both are open about their sexuality, though the news only mentions that one is lesbian. Personally, I would find it quite frustrating to be identified by my sexuality to the exclusion of any other gifts, skills, and sense of call that I bring to my work. Obviously, this is the big identifying feature that is making the news rght now, but I imagine she must be an incredibly gifted person. From the looks of the election, it was quite close. One twitter person called it a "diversity smackdown".

Now, even though I just said that I would be frustrated to be defined by my sexuality alone, can I just say: thank God that finally, Gene will have some company in the HOB! Finally, we are starting to elect people whose gifts we discern are right to be our various Bishops without fear of other parts of the world. Finally, we are letting the spirit call us in new directions. The fact that the election WAS so close, I think, shows how carefully that Diocese had to discern whither they were being called. So my congrats to LA. You did HARD WORK, people!

I think the winds are changing for us. The younger voices are starting to grow into their own voice. The voices that preached fear and limits have left the church for an even more rigid church. (I'm sorry for that. I wish we could have all stayed at the table, but I have found that I just cannot make everyone get along.)

This is the sort of church that gives me hope- this emerging church that risks seeing what could be. When I hear about a Diocese that discerns so carefully as this, I imagine a nationwide church that wants new things. It makes me want to run wild and rip up pews and put the altar in the middle amongst the people as all the people of God say Amen.

Of course, Epiphany will never let me pull up all the pews and they rather mumble Amen, but you know what? I see the winds moving across the face of the church, and I like to think that the winds bless Epiphany too... just as they are. Because the Holy Spirit and God Almight truly is JUST THAT BIG.

Wow, LA. Get yourselves a good stiff drink or an appropriately, attractively presented alternative of your choice, and I wish you a peaceful night, and a perfect end.

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