Saturday, December 5, 2009

And a church that looks like you

And I suppose I should add that I have decided it is absolutely right to celebrate that Mary Glasspool is a lesbian. I bet people screamed themselves silly when Barbara Harris was elected, and I heard stories about how crazy the house went when Wilfredo Ramos was elected. It has nothing to do with their gifts and skills.

It's that the church finally started to look like you. So when you see the church, you see someone who looks like you and you know you are welcome here.

So I retract my earlier frustration for now, and I say let's celebrate it all, baby. Because it's time to celebrate that the church looks like more of us. Finally my lesbian sisters can look into the HOB and see what I see- a gifted, skilled person who shares their traits and who knows their struggle and pain and who can be their voice. And as a straight woman and an ally, that is something I should also celebrate. So I will not get frustrated with my sisters' celebrations. They have SO earned it, and it is time to shout it from the rooftops.

Thank you, LA- you did hard work.

PS, by next week, I expect that we'll be back to normal celebrating her gifts and skills TOO, right?

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Klassiklehrer said...

I like your choice of words about being willing to take risks and treat faith as though it were--because it is--a dangerous thing. I think we have allowed ourselves to accept it as a sort of life insurance policy, valuable only at our death and otherwise not worth thinking about.

And I liked your choice of words this morning, too, although how dare you put any responsibility on parishioners when everybody knows it's the priest who's supposed to do everything and be all things to all people! I spoke a few months ago about the First Church of Me, and that's what I feel sometimes we have around us. The First Church of Me--not the First Church of You.

So take a little time to celebrate. Booyah!