Monday, November 30, 2009

What, a month?

Um, yes, that's right. All my online communication time got sort of sucked up in some of my other projects. Heh. Some of those projects will be done soon, though! Merry Christmas!

Did I mention that I had started full-time hours at the hospital? While keeping Epiphany until we could see if full-time plus part time was good for the parish? We're still trying that one out, but we are together for the holidays which is always great. Only mean priests ditch a parish RIGHT BEFORE the holiday with no replacement. Ouch. At the end of the day, you really can't beat a classic old stone parish for warm, fuzzy New England Christmas.

We've also been having some fun at home. We got iPhones and canceled our landline. I tracked my calls for the last few months. In September, we had over 300 phone calls. 5 of them were real calls, and all of them were people who also called my cell. Landlines are going the way of the dinosaur, I believe. We kept a basic 911 service, which also means you can still call in, if you really want to. But it'll be nice to stop the Tuesday afternoon phone calls from marketers! In the meantime, I have answered so much email on the fly that by the time I get home I have virtually no need to go on the computer. I fought the dataplan for so long that I didn't stop to think that maybe I had really gotten to the point where it would help my work life. It really HAS made my life more streamlined and simple and efficient. People are happy that I email so quickly. I should have done this months ago. Where's my humble pie?

I also got accepted to volunteer at 10,000 Villages! I love that store and I swear I wasn't motivated by the discount! After a few really, REALLY sad cases at the hospital and a few really, REALLY upset people at the parish plus assorted drama, I decided I needed to do something to help humanity and do something that was just plain happy. I just wanted a simple, 3-5 hours a week where all I did was share the joy. A good friend had volunteered in the past, and there's a store within walking distance of my house. So I applied, and I start on Friday! I get to wear cute clothes without a collar and without worrying where to clip pagers and I will help support fair trade worldwide. Awesome, right?

I'll be working on being more up to date... in the meantime, look Epiphany up on Facebook if you are on!

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