Thursday, October 8, 2009

Registered, Tripping, and Achy Hand

On the bright side, I get to take my acolytes to DC for a trip! Nothing like a youth pilgramage! I've wanted to take youth on a trip for so long. It feels like being a normal priest. National Acolyte Festival, here we come!

Meanwhile, the broken bones are quite uncomfortable. I called the doc again just to find out what's normal. I don't know if I really believe that "hurts when the weather changes" stuff... yet. Not to mention the knee was pretty achy, the shoulder was stiff and sore, and I felt generally run down. I hate not feeling like my normal self.

And there are cleaning ladies here to clean my horrible house back to its normal state. Amazing how just 2 months of no floor mopping changes the world... Yes, folks, I DO mop at least 1 a month. But I might decide I like hiring out the cleaners. I used to say I'd hire a cleaning service after I'd met certain goals... like having a certain amount in savings, then it was paying off my car, then it was paying off certain loans, then it was having a zeroed out credit card for a certain period of time, and I realized we had done all that... and I was always finding a reason to delay hiring the cleaning service. Then I gripe because the house isn't as clean as I want it. It's probably a good discipline for me to draw the line between frugal and cheap, and to give myself permission to actually reap the rewards of having achieved my goals sometimes, eh?

Next goal: find a tailor and have my suits tailored so the jackets actually fit me! It's probably time to give in to business clothes and have them done right. So anyone who knows a good tailor in West Hartford..... chime in!

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