Saturday, October 24, 2009


It was my first election. Convention as usual was an extroverts' dream.

I was really impressed by all the candidates who stood for election. Beth Fain and Ian Douglas were out of state (as customary for non-resident clergy), but Jim Curry and Mark Delcuze were naturally both present. I must give giant kudos to the both of them. It's a nerve-wracking experience to be in the spotlight anyway, but to be standing for the election of a Diocesan Bishop must be an "Ant under a microscope with laser beam affixed" type experience. Both men handled themselves with such grace. Mark and Jim, you two are class acts, and I am so pleased to be your colleague. Granted, I serve the role of "pain in the oops!" priest at times, but ultimately, I hope to settle in on the normal end of the spectrum.

There was lots of interest in my shared positions... it seems that a few other previously full time clergy are starting to think about part timing it. Several are thinking doctorates, others are also exploring a dual role in chaplaincy. It could be months to years before some of these plans take place, but I can certainly see how we are in a changing place in our church.

And finally, welcome to Ian Douglas! I think we shocked the world as stodgy old CT elected from outside the Diocese. But I have to say it was a very grace-filled election. It was certainly a choice that took much deliberation, and any candidate would have been a great chief priest, and I say that honestly. I thought for many hours and read all the written material before making my decisions. But as it all went down, I felt that we were guided well by the Spirit.

Time to go write a sermon and a Red Door article now!

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