Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Big Changes

I debated for a bit if I should blog this, and or leave comments open. Fianlly, I decided I would do both. Just as when I told the Vestry in the first place, just as when I sent the letter to the parish, I think that leaving comments open is the ethical thing to do. I ask only that if you comment, do me the grace of either leaving your name or emailing me so we can have an honest, open conversation.


The exciting news is that the hsopital offered me full time! It's a number of night hours, so I'll be working 2 nights a week. No, it was never my dream to work nights, and yes, I'd rather be spending my nights curled up with my hubby, but hey... it IS a dream job. To finish out my certificatiion in a place like Hartford... whew. Opportunities like this don't come ever day. I'm also humbled that the hospital came and asked me... I didn't put in for the position. I am honored that they thought enough of me to ask me to apply for the full time job. I mean... wow. I didn't even think that happened to priests.

Yet I have not, and I will not, resign from Epiphany. We have stuff planned through the New Year, both secular and sacred. There's too much happening right now. There's too many hopeful signs of life. I don't know how much longer my story with Epiphany will last... but I do believe that it goes on for a good amount of time yet. My part in that story isn't yet over.

What a roller coaster!


Sandra said...

Blessings on you, your family, and this new chapter your ministry.

Anisa said...

That's what I keep hoping will happen a few years down the road, that my very part time position at the hospital may become full time. My prayers are with you as you take these next steps!

Betsy T. said...

And what I keep saying... I'm not a quitter! We have things PLANNED at Epiphany. I see through things that I plan. We CAN do a healthy transition when the time is right.