Sunday, September 6, 2009

One handed blogging...

The Vagabond will try to blog one-handed. She figures it might be interesting (to her, at least), to blog the little bits progress made as she recuperates.

The basic story: At mile 50 of a century, the Vagabond came across some train tracks. She was going over 22 mph, and did not see the tracks in time to respond. The tracks won that skirmish, and the Vagabond crashed, spectacularly. She went down first on the right side, getting her hand tangled up in the brake. She hit the ground with enough force to bounce up and over "like a pancake", to skid to a stop on the left. Very thankfully, her helmet absorbed the brunt of the head impact and her long sleeves and pants took the road. She has very liitle road rash, but did break an important bone in her right hand, rendering this rightie's right hand useless for at least a month.

The bike also suffered, and is now finally at the bike doctor getting its wheels trued, its brakes repaired, and its chain and cogs cleaned of grit. The Vagabond figures she is done for this season, and vows to dedicate herself to lots of hiking tis fall to compensate. Unless the doc clears her to ride a tandem... right, M?

Naturally, being a priest, the Vagabond finds it interesting to consider that all summer she had a foreboding feeling that something bad was going to happen. And she had this recurring dream of being on her bike with a broken hand.

Pshaw. No one dreams that literally, right? The Vagabond is aware, however, that her previous ability to sense what she can only call "disruptions in the force" has been uncannily accurate when it comes to hospital pagers and police calls. With M preparing for a research trip, she figured she'd be sensible. She insured M in every way she could to be sure she'd be ready for the worst and that nothing could go wrong, even finding emergency contact info for an off-the-grid event.

M came through with flying colors, healthy, happy, successful in research. The Vagabond came home from a bike trip... with a broken hand. The Vagabond is going to pay more attention to very detailed recurring dreams in the future. In the meantime, she is going to have some serious talks with her Boss In The Sky concerning whether surgery is really His plan for the life of her hand and if he might like to perform an instant miracle or at least do something about the swelling, pain, and slow healing of road rash. She suspects some life lessons on patience might be in store, instead...

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