Monday, September 14, 2009


1) Take a bunch of frozen peeled bananas. Put in food processor. Process. If needed, add a little water or milk. Soon, it starts looking just like soft serve. Voila! Banana "ice cream". Very good for sick priest on an edited version of the BRAT diet... no rice made at the moment, so it's more like the BAT and chicken soup diet. We don't keep normal rice on hand anyway... all ours is red rice, wild rice, forbidden rice, arborio, sushi rice... M had to make a special trip to get me plain saltines and ginger ale.

2) My cats have gotten weirdly aggressive towards my cast. They are taking and attacking the pillow I use to prop it at night. And today, Origami happily sits in my lap. But if The Cast gets in-between me and him, he'll swat at the cast and taste my fingers as if they are little aliens. Snowbeast also attacks the pillow, but spent most of his day lying in the hamper being very pleased with himself.

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