Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back from Vacation!

No, I was not off the face of the earth. I've been on vacation. M and I went visiting fun friends in upstate NY for the first week, where we got to hang out with some really awesome friends. I'm blown away that I get to know people like the PhD candidates who just got back from India, the new attending doctor in Buffalo, the librarian who has my secret dream job, and the restaurant manager who has this really cool kid. I have to say, my friend with the kid is a genius- for her son's birthday, she invited just one other little kid, and threw a grown up party. We gave him presents, and he played with presents, and then the adults got to hang around and talk. The kids kept each other happy, and everything seemed really under control. Not to mention that having a children's librarian makes for REALLY fun story time. No one reads Knuffle Bunny like she can! Remind me again why we don't all live in the same neighborhood?

We wrapped up with some camping and more camping, including some REALLY fun bike riding in Acadia on both roads and the carriage trails. Carriage trail by bike is THE way to see the trails! Rent the tandem for extra cute points.

And now it's back to everything. I find myself pulled in so many different directions as I try to settle back down. At least my office is super cute to settle into! I'm also relieved that the wardens installed the dehumidifier for permanent drainage. Way to save the books!

Now it's a week of getting ready for my century ride on Saturday, wishing I were in better shape/20 pounds lighter like I was when I rode my last century, watching M go off on his research trip, and figuring out what needs to happen next to make this fall happen.

Sept 13 is Grandparents' Sunday, Sept. 27 is my nephew's baptism, October 10 is the National Acolyte Festival which I have to plan for a group trip, and Sept 26 is the Tour De Tribury! Whew. Now I know why I feel spacy!

For extra bonus points... does anyone with sewing skills want to buy me a plain jersey and use an embroidery machine embroider something like "EPIPHANY SOUTHBURY" or "HAVOC at EPIPHANY" (Hiking And Various Other Church-related Activities) or something? Rolling advertisements, anyone? I would say let's go red or yellow. Who wants to volunteer to make me a jersey?

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