Sunday, July 19, 2009

New office (pics to follow)

Ah, yes, that last post was depressing, no? On the bright side, I got a couple coffee date offers out of it. Now, if I can just swing a lunch or two, I'll be convinced that melodrama is beneficial.

In the meantime, I have gotten quite creative, found a few names of you under-the-radar clergy, and got permission to invite Lutherans to celebrate if needed. So I'll be hitting up a few resources. It's tough, sometimes, being the small church. Even though I will offer them the standard supply compensation, I can't offer any extra bonuses like a comfy couch, lunch with the Mayor, or a limo to the church. Granted, I remember my own days as supply and the size of the church never mattered. A tiny church not too much larger than Epiphany always made the day worth my while with a scrumptious lunch afterwards (Church of Our Savior, Montpelier, VA. Sweet, sweet little country church whose "coffee hours" are to die for!). A much larger church had dreadful to non-existant coffee hours, but the people were so joyful and happy, and I was a newlywed whose new husband would come with me, so it was always a great day. As a matter of fact, I can't remember a bad supply gig.

So maybe being the small church will be just fine, after all. I mean, I do have an awesome new office to share with them. And our Junior Warden makes the best coffee in town, no contest! (Sorry, Starbucks.)

I will shortly post pictures of the new office, and remember to post more of my happy, upbeat side (at least, after I get a few lunches out of it...) My vacation is coming up in two short weeks, so I'm busy planning some camping and some relaxing. I think it might be great to take a few books with me and spend a whole day at the campsite, sitting around, boiling water for tea, and reading under a sunny sky. I am fairly certain our beat up old popcorn pot will make the trip.

In the meantime, I'm off to visit a few stalwart parishoners who are sick and in hospital. Stop getting sick, everyone! What is it this summer??? But I'm stopping at the New Morning Market first to score some vegetarian sandwiches and ginger ale first! Yummy! M's secret comfort food is fried chicken. I always find him out. Mine is tofu sandwiches. I know, the shame, the shame. But he never seems to find me out... I usually confess first!



Anonymous said...

I'm assuming that this is an apology. If it is it's accempted.

The Vagabond Priest said...

Not sure for what, but you are welcome to take it as such. You'd also be welcome to contact me privately, identify yourself, and we can have a better conversation than through anonymous sources. The church website is, and my email is linked through there.