Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Things We Love

Well, my hopes of going for a very first ride on my 30th birthday present were dashed by the intermittent rain. Usually rain would not stop me, but for a brand-new bike, I would like better conditions while I'm still in the "breaking in and getting used to" stage. Crashing because I slipped and couldn't figure out my gear shifter system in time would be simply embarrassing.

Here it is., except that mine is red and white.

I was offered the opportunity to trade in my hybrid for this one. I seriously considered it, to the point that I actually signed the deal. But when push came to shove, I just couldn't do it. I found that I loved it, as much as I try not to love things.

I just couldn't be at peace with the giving up of my hybrid. Now, I do have a small house. (1000 square feet). I don't have a lot of storage space. I just drove my mother insane last year by forcing her to give up stuff and I would have cleaned out a lot more stuff if she had let me. Even my dad was seen saving a few jars from my purging efforts. I'm glad that, in my house, I have used everything at least once within the past year. Anything in the house that isn't used gets pitched. (The wedding gown will be an exception...) We are even getting ready to glean some bouldering crash pads and the golf clubs since we just don't like our lives cluttered up more than they are. So it made so much sense to trade in the hybrid. It's a thing, I told myself. You shouldn't love things.

But something kept stopping me. Something kept saying deep inside that the hybrid was for a different style of riding- an easy, flat commute or trip to the farmers' market. Something knew that I had an awesome hybrid and I just couldn't overcome the fear that if I let it go, I would want it again. And I love it.

And sometimes, perhaps it's worth it to hang on to something if it fills a unique love. I rode charity rides and centuries on that thing. It weighs over 30 pounds and I remember crashing when I was so tired I couldn't get a cleat out of a pedal, and getting right back on after the rest stop. That bike has grit.

So it's certainly the biggest thing I love that I"m keeping, but that's how it is. It's down in the basement, waiting for its next ride. And I'm at peace.

And dying for the rain to stop so I can ride the flashy new road bike.

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