Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"So what kind are you anyway?"

I was in the hospital last week, and it seemed to be "guess the chaplain's religion" day. Four different families tried to guess my faith. I was wearing my usual required nametag and a clergy collar (dog collar style, thanks). For some reason, EVERYONE that day was guessing that I was Jewish. Where did that come from? The answer to follow...

One such exchange went like this... Him: "So, what kind are you? I'm Roman Catholic."

me: Well, I serve an interfaith population.

Him: Okay, that's great. I would have figured you... were... Jewish.

me: Well, that's funny! I'm actually an Episcopal priest, serving an interfaith population.

Him: Not Jewish?

me: nope, sorry. Episcopal priest, serving interfaith.

Silence. Then, him: Oh, you know, that's fine. I just would have figured, you know, you have that... (gesturing in front of his face, apparently hoping that I will realize he is referring to the large prominent appendage attached to everyone's face).

me: Nope, sorry, not Jewish. I just have a really big nose.

him: Yeah, that nose.


Anonymous said...

So how big was his nose?

The Vagabond Priest said...

It wasn't his nose. It was MY nose. My nose is, shall we say, a classic roman schnoz. It is large, prominent, and a little bumpy. Go to the Roman section of any old art museum, and you'll see my nose on busts of people like Julius Caesar.

His nose was a rather unremarkable American blip.