Thursday, June 18, 2009


So... this post by Peacebang on simplicity has gotten me to thinking. One of my Dreams For the Future involves buying a solar decathlon house and living totally off the grid. Wouldn't that be awesome? I'm actually taking M this October to see the solar houses. Many of them are gorgeous- compact yet spacious. Some include gardens right in or on the house itself. A few of them are so drool-worthy I would move in right there on the Mall if I could.

Yet I recently wrote about my inability to give up my beloved Hybrid bike. Part of solar house living involves living in a smaller space than society tells us we need. It requires giving up of stuff, paring down, simplifying, and making great use of all storage space. Obviously, I have recently demonstrated my inability to get rid of a rather large piece of stuff simply because I love it.

Yet, I recently have cut down tremendously on the amount of sugar I eat. I have this odd relationship with food, and I have discovered that if I get sugar in the morning, I go into this rollercoaster of blood sugar all day. The cure, of course, would be to give up sugar. You'd be amazed how addicted to it we are in this country. However, I recently started drinking spinach (and other dark green) smoothies. Yes, it looks odd. Yes, the taste takes a little getting used to, but after a few days I started realizing I felt great. Then I somehow stopped wanting as much sugar. I didn't need sugar in my coffee. I could see a pile of M&Ms in the office and not want even one. I know. Odd, right?

SO I started doing some google searches. Some folks have this theory that as you give your body the dark greens, it gets the nutrients it has been starving for, and gives up the desire for sugar. It has what it wants.

I wonder if that is what will happen if I ever accomplish that solar house dream? I will get the off-the-grid simple life I want, so I will be able to spiritually release this desire for stuff, and this thought that I must keep the good things I have for fear I will never find another. Perhaps someday I'll find the sort of balance that releases my fear of loss.

What do you think?

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