Friday, June 26, 2009

Final Papers

I'm about to finish a final paper. I've changed my schedule for this month to accommodate taking a class in Church Administration. I supposed I thought it would be a smidge stale, with plenty of books about how-to-do-this-and-that, and a few assignments of poring over budget sheets.

Instead we spent our month with a few books of on things like "Purposeful Church Administration" and the "African American Church Management Handbook", and instead learned not the fine details of Administration (which is truly different in all contexts) but the wider view of what administration can do as a ministry for your church. Imagine that. Leadership and direction as a calling, and all the church work (even the business!) as God's work. My Vestry isn't gonna know what hit 'em.

But they are ready for it.

In the meantime, I haven't really had my regular days off, I'm behind on my paper because I went bike riding on a few stolen moments when the weather this dreary month HAS been not-raining, and I'm going into a 9AM-8:30AM shift- I'm working days, followed by an overnight. Kinda sucks schedule, but it's balanced by a good boss, so I can handle it. And M promises me diner breakfast tomorrow.

In other news, my final paper is on demolishing the priest-parish relationship as marriage paradigm. I've never liked it and I am destroying it! I will abide by Prof. B's suggestion to keep it, though, and consider re-visiting it over the next 20 years.

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Klassiklehrer said...

Well, we frequently don't know what hit us, but it has little to do with radical suggestions from you. Just think how they're going to react to the new office of Pastor B!