Saturday, May 16, 2009


Here's the Results: The first is the overall placement out of 356 runners and walkers. The second # is our bib number. Then our names (we are all teammates- Andrew is our Bishop. I put him in for comparison's sake!), then our time, and our pace!

Race Results:

Overall Bib# Name Time Pace 130 302 ELIZABETH T C 33:53 10:55

141 1 ANDREW S 35:31 11:26

143 303 MARTIN T 35:37 11:28

144 31 JAMES B 35:38 11:28

199 297 CARL S 46:08 14:51

I finished as the #3 clergywoman! Yay! I was surprised that I came in at 33:53. I stopped for two walk breaks as my iPod froze up (I'm SO TRAUMATIZED!! My beloved iPod is DYING! Can I even begin to tell you how constant a companion that thing has been on training rides, backpacking trips, and regular travel for the past 5, 6 years? I LOVE that iPod!) and I reset the machine. I was getting pretty tired, and the iPod started singing an old 80's song- "All I Need is a Miracle". I laughed a little in ironic irritation, turned a corner, and raised my eyes to see the Finish Line in sight. So I laughed for real, and finished the run in style. There was a gracious and beautiful lady who I had been pacing the whole race, with a gorgeous head of silver hair. I had outpaced her during that last song, and as we approached the finish, she came up on my side and was about to pass me. She'd been a WONDERFUL pacer all race.

Of course I ran her down. Those competitive instincts popped up outta nowhere, I swear!

M followed a few minutes later, a few steps behind the Bishop and step by step with James, a parishoner who I can't even TELL you how proud I am of him. A few months ago, he swears he couldn't even do this in an hour, and he just devastated the course and finished in a *very* respectable time. Carl followed a few minutes later. I am also proud to say he was the one who did NOT run anyone else over at the finish line.

I was very happy to finish as number 3. M and I came home, had a lovely and well deserved nap, and then a fan-TASTIC dish of pasta primavera. Does this day ROCK, or what?

Tomorrow, I will be sportin' my medal at church- Epiphany, all told, has donated over $500! For a church with an ASA of around 30, this is pretty. damn. fantastic.


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