Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Ah, yes, I have gotten called out for not posting in almost a month. In that month, we've had Easter, several birthdays, a very intense time at my hospital job, and a planning for the summer. Man, am I looking forward to the summer! The church will be slowing down for a bit, but M and I are now planning our next wilderness trip! Yes, my family lets me know they think my idea of "most relaxing vacation" is their idea of "hell come to dwell in earth". In response, I post the above two pictures. The glowing mountaintops are bathed in what is called "Alpine Glow". That is dusk in the wilderness. The lake is Cathedral Lake, with the early morning sun just peeping into the morning. These were taken in and near Cathedral Lake, where we went on day #2 and 3 of our wilderness trip. There is no way to get here except on your own two feet, carrying a pack.

Family, that is what you are missing. Just sayin'.

Most exciting, though, is that we hit $250 at Epiphany in our fund-raising for the Bishop's 5K! We did this ALL without stumping for money at the church. Yes, I did announce it this week at the church and invite anyone who wanted to add some sugar to the honey pot, but the main point was that we had ALREADY ACHIEVED more than our goal! In fact, our first goal was $250, then I got scared we would not make it, and lowered it to $200. God obviously had to show God's uppity little priest-who-knows-all just what was what when we make commitments, and inspired our friends to send surprise donations. We hit $250. Exciting!

I know it's not the biggest amount, but if you consider that a church of less than 35 ASA has contributed over $500 this year alone to the Bishop's 5K, I think we did a pretty dang good job.

So think good thoughts for us and pray for our legs. We'll be doing our best for you on Saturday!

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