Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy lunch box!

I'm still processing what happened this week in California, and being slight frustrated that I can't up and move into the middle of the action right now. (Not that I could get arrested. While I am so thankful for those with the courage to stand for their convictions, with the sort of work I do and the community I work with, getting arrested could potentially damage my ability to do certain types of emergency work. It's not a calling that is mine at this time in my life. Which is why I'm glad to have friends whose bosses encourage them to be arrested for the cause!)

In the meantime, I channel my energy into lunch. I'm a bit of an amateur foodie. I'm a little bit obsessed with what I eat, when I eat it, and what it looks like. I'm also really fussy about texture, which is probably a large part of the reason I'm vegetarian. With tofu, you never get icky gristle! One atom of gristle will cause me to lose my appetite for an entire slab of otherwise delicious fish. Sorry, mahi mahi... I should be thankful that I live in a country wealthy enough for me to have the luxury of losing my appetite!

Anyway... this is Martin's lunch bento for today. It's salad from OUR GARDEN!, with nuts, cranberries, and a lemon vinagrette. He has grapes, Israeli couscous, two pieces of drunken goat cheese (courtesy of the Whole Foods mini-cheese basket), and a sandwich made up of basil from OUR GARDEN! and glazed tofu from our tofu/bok choi dinner, all on a piece of ciabatta. (The ciabatta is one of those Whole Foods deals- 99 cents, and I got six pieces out of it!)

It was of course wrapped in a cute bento wrap, which is just a large square of fabric tied around the bento. This box is my new favorite box. Mr. Bento (the large lunch jar) is great for soups and ethnic food like pastas, and when you need to take extra snacks. But I'm finding that for my smaller summer cravings, this one is just right. A handy hint- for salads, pack a dressing in a small container (you can see his tucked in the corner of his salad). And those silicon cupcake cups? Useless for baking unless you like flabby, unbrowned baked goods. But awesome for keeping small lunch items distinct, and also excellent for baking mini crustless quiches.

Please don't hunt us down and steal our lunches...


Anonymous said...

This makes me wonder whether part of the parish website should include blogs for the leaders and the priest. It seems that more and more of our parishioners, against type, are going online.

Think of it as another way of communicating.

Great weekend, wearying a little but great all the same!

The Vagabond Priest said...

The parish website does include a link to this blog.

Interesting thought to consider if it would be worthwhile for the Vestry, perhaps an end of vestry meeting?, should write up a blog entry? Or perhaps assign a vestry member a week to write a blog entry and have the "Epiphany blog"?

I will be working to expand the Diocesean one that I write for, so maybe some of my thinking there can roll over...

You are right- excellent weekend. Wore me out, for sure, but toooootally worth it!