Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy lunch box!

I'm still processing what happened this week in California, and being slight frustrated that I can't up and move into the middle of the action right now. (Not that I could get arrested. While I am so thankful for those with the courage to stand for their convictions, with the sort of work I do and the community I work with, getting arrested could potentially damage my ability to do certain types of emergency work. It's not a calling that is mine at this time in my life. Which is why I'm glad to have friends whose bosses encourage them to be arrested for the cause!)

In the meantime, I channel my energy into lunch. I'm a bit of an amateur foodie. I'm a little bit obsessed with what I eat, when I eat it, and what it looks like. I'm also really fussy about texture, which is probably a large part of the reason I'm vegetarian. With tofu, you never get icky gristle! One atom of gristle will cause me to lose my appetite for an entire slab of otherwise delicious fish. Sorry, mahi mahi... I should be thankful that I live in a country wealthy enough for me to have the luxury of losing my appetite!

Anyway... this is Martin's lunch bento for today. It's salad from OUR GARDEN!, with nuts, cranberries, and a lemon vinagrette. He has grapes, Israeli couscous, two pieces of drunken goat cheese (courtesy of the Whole Foods mini-cheese basket), and a sandwich made up of basil from OUR GARDEN! and glazed tofu from our tofu/bok choi dinner, all on a piece of ciabatta. (The ciabatta is one of those Whole Foods deals- 99 cents, and I got six pieces out of it!)

It was of course wrapped in a cute bento wrap, which is just a large square of fabric tied around the bento. This box is my new favorite box. Mr. Bento (the large lunch jar) is great for soups and ethnic food like pastas, and when you need to take extra snacks. But I'm finding that for my smaller summer cravings, this one is just right. A handy hint- for salads, pack a dressing in a small container (you can see his tucked in the corner of his salad). And those silicon cupcake cups? Useless for baking unless you like flabby, unbrowned baked goods. But awesome for keeping small lunch items distinct, and also excellent for baking mini crustless quiches.

Please don't hunt us down and steal our lunches...

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Here's the Results: The first is the overall placement out of 356 runners and walkers. The second # is our bib number. Then our names (we are all teammates- Andrew is our Bishop. I put him in for comparison's sake!), then our time, and our pace!

Race Results:

Overall Bib# Name Time Pace 130 302 ELIZABETH T C 33:53 10:55

141 1 ANDREW S 35:31 11:26

143 303 MARTIN T 35:37 11:28

144 31 JAMES B 35:38 11:28

199 297 CARL S 46:08 14:51

I finished as the #3 clergywoman! Yay! I was surprised that I came in at 33:53. I stopped for two walk breaks as my iPod froze up (I'm SO TRAUMATIZED!! My beloved iPod is DYING! Can I even begin to tell you how constant a companion that thing has been on training rides, backpacking trips, and regular travel for the past 5, 6 years? I LOVE that iPod!) and I reset the machine. I was getting pretty tired, and the iPod started singing an old 80's song- "All I Need is a Miracle". I laughed a little in ironic irritation, turned a corner, and raised my eyes to see the Finish Line in sight. So I laughed for real, and finished the run in style. There was a gracious and beautiful lady who I had been pacing the whole race, with a gorgeous head of silver hair. I had outpaced her during that last song, and as we approached the finish, she came up on my side and was about to pass me. She'd been a WONDERFUL pacer all race.

Of course I ran her down. Those competitive instincts popped up outta nowhere, I swear!

M followed a few minutes later, a few steps behind the Bishop and step by step with James, a parishoner who I can't even TELL you how proud I am of him. A few months ago, he swears he couldn't even do this in an hour, and he just devastated the course and finished in a *very* respectable time. Carl followed a few minutes later. I am also proud to say he was the one who did NOT run anyone else over at the finish line.

I was very happy to finish as number 3. M and I came home, had a lovely and well deserved nap, and then a fan-TASTIC dish of pasta primavera. Does this day ROCK, or what?

Tomorrow, I will be sportin' my medal at church- Epiphany, all told, has donated over $500! For a church with an ASA of around 30, this is pretty. damn. fantastic.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Secret Solace Job

Well, if I tell you all about it, it's no longer a secret solace job, eh? Here goes.

When life as a priest gets too stressful and crazy, when it seems like too many people are frowning at me, making angry comments in the background, or sending unhappiness in my direction, when too many young kids die on the tables at the hospitals from sheer unbounded stupidity, and when I stumble home at 8 at night knowing I have to get back out there by 8 the next morning...

I dream of becoming a librarian. I would specialize in acquisitions. I'd do my duty at the intake desk... *beep*, *beep*, *beep*, "Excuse me, sir, you have a fine. 25 cents, please... Thaaaank yo-U!" I'd read advance copies of awesome writers and writers whose terrible prose should never be inflicted upon the English-speaking public, and I'd decide which ones to order for my library. I'd clock in at 9AM and clock out at 5PM, and perhaps do one or two special events a week. I'd expand the library usage by setting aside a beautiful hall to be a possible site for wedding receptions and I'd host my own anniversary parties there. I'd spend my days surrounded by soft sunlight filtering down through the skylights, whispering around the smell of old paper.

Things have been rough, vocationally, lately. I've been wondering if maybe I (and the 40 some-odd people who got me through this process, plus all my Seminary professors, my field ed supervisors, and all my CPE instructors, not to mention the Bishop of CT), have made a colossal mistake. Maybe this is not the right field for me.

And I search out all the schools for library science in my area, and wonder just how long the commute to Simmons really is.

And then, the next day, I install myself in the coffee shop, where I am right now. And I read all my saved up articles and my neglected emails and keep working on that Sunday sermon.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Ah, yes, I have gotten called out for not posting in almost a month. In that month, we've had Easter, several birthdays, a very intense time at my hospital job, and a planning for the summer. Man, am I looking forward to the summer! The church will be slowing down for a bit, but M and I are now planning our next wilderness trip! Yes, my family lets me know they think my idea of "most relaxing vacation" is their idea of "hell come to dwell in earth". In response, I post the above two pictures. The glowing mountaintops are bathed in what is called "Alpine Glow". That is dusk in the wilderness. The lake is Cathedral Lake, with the early morning sun just peeping into the morning. These were taken in and near Cathedral Lake, where we went on day #2 and 3 of our wilderness trip. There is no way to get here except on your own two feet, carrying a pack.

Family, that is what you are missing. Just sayin'.

Most exciting, though, is that we hit $250 at Epiphany in our fund-raising for the Bishop's 5K! We did this ALL without stumping for money at the church. Yes, I did announce it this week at the church and invite anyone who wanted to add some sugar to the honey pot, but the main point was that we had ALREADY ACHIEVED more than our goal! In fact, our first goal was $250, then I got scared we would not make it, and lowered it to $200. God obviously had to show God's uppity little priest-who-knows-all just what was what when we make commitments, and inspired our friends to send surprise donations. We hit $250. Exciting!

I know it's not the biggest amount, but if you consider that a church of less than 35 ASA has contributed over $500 this year alone to the Bishop's 5K, I think we did a pretty dang good job.

So think good thoughts for us and pray for our legs. We'll be doing our best for you on Saturday!