Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

So Palm Sunday has come. During the epic-length, but very cool service (musical homily, gospel read in parts, Jesus and Pilate perfectly cast), we had a time for healing prayers. This is a part of service that Epiphany's Liturgy Committee wanted to experiment with for a few months- first Sunday, healing prayers. This is the second time they've been done.

Now, those of you "in the know" may know that Epiphany has been a parish that had a Past. Their size shrank to life-threateningly small. They are essentially a parish that is on life-support- working very very hard to keep that next breath coming in. It can be hard for them to celebrate when things go right. (The bake sale and luncheon were VERY successful. The choir sounds great and has a new member! There were 41 people in church today.)

Yet so far, both times, a kid has come up for healing prayers. They come just like the adults, sit down, and we talk, just like adults.

In Epiphany, the kids feel that all parts of the service are open to them. There is nothing about this God that they are "too young for". The church and its rites and its sacraments are theirs. They feel no compunction about claiming their place in the line for prayers or bellying up to that altar rail.

And that is very, very right indeed. Hallel.... oh, wait... seven more days!

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