Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So you have a new Dentist?

So, shortly after moving, I got it into my head that maybe I should finally get my act together and find a new dentist. The demands of residency, the long commutes, the fact that dentists in Southbury weren't in my insurance plan, combined with my general fear of dentists meant that I hadn't been to the dentist in a while. And a short while ago, I started developing a dull ache in the jaw, plus headaches. I have sensitive teeth, so I reluctantly decided it might be time to visit the dentist.

He took a long look, and declared I needed new fillings. No, wait- not new cavities. Just new fillings. The old fillings had cracked, and few parts of them had actually fallen out, leaving exposed open spots.

I mean, whoever heard of that? They bribe little kids at the dentist, by telling them that it'll be ALL OVER soon, and that you'll be ALL DONE. No one says, "You'll be all done... until you turn 29 and then we ruin your life by having to do this all over again!"

Seems like nothing, not even tooth fillings are permanent.

Churches aren't permanent either. I've been thinking seriously lately about how to shake things up at Epiphany. There's some good think-tanks going on, but definitely resistance to the idea that it's time to change HOW WE DO church at Epiphany. (At least at the 10 o'clock service...)

I didn't want to change my fillings. I was terrified. But the dentist did lots of novocaine (I'm getting feeling back now), and he did a cool thing- he went ahead and did what he needed to do, but he gave me a mirror so I could watch if I wanted to. He explained things, showed what he was doing... essentially, gave me the museum tour of "how to get a filling changed". The changing of the filling itself STILL wasn't that fun. But at least it was bearable. And right around now, it's getting to be pretty okay.

I bet I will barely mind at all for the next set of replacements in three weeks...

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