Sunday, February 22, 2009

Score One, Church School!

Wow, two do-good parish events in a week. Today, we were going into sermon time. Typically, after the gospel, the kids go out for a little church school called Sunday Breakout. Because of Safe Church, we require that the teacher have a second adult with them. Usually, a parent has been going.

Until today!

A brave and intrepid choir member (whose kids are all grown up) got up, and elected to assist in Sunday School. Can I even say how much that rocks to have a non-parent helping out with the kids? I think the moms were really relieved to be able to stay and hear the sermon (and snuggle her newest baby) while their older kids were getting some educatin' going on.

So- choir member D.J., thank you SO much for going out! That was awesome! I hope you guys all had a great time with Breakout teacher C.S.

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