Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reasons to Know Jesus Loves Us

I initiated a new Policy-from-on-high in this here parish that I rule with an iron fist. I was getting kind of grossed out at "leftovers" getting left in the parish fridge for sometimes weeks at a time. Sure, they might be cookies from the cookie walk, but I'm sorry, after they've been frozen, defrosted, put out for coffee hour, and refrozen a few times, they're done.

I put up a sign reading "Items left in fridge over 2 days may be tossed or eaten. (The Pastor likes eggs and cookies). Please label your items if you don't want them eaten!" The first week, I got a dozen eggs, a few cookies, and few slices of toast out of the deal. Then I cleaned out the junk (as in, that nasty bottle of ketchup with the expiration date of last May).

This week, the fridge was empty of contraband! Good thing I brought lunch. There was only milk, chocolate sauce, and orange juice. What is the health conscious pastor to do!

Fortunately, because I work for Jesus and I think he might like me just a little... chocolate milk actually has LESS SUGAR and fewer carbs and more protein than orange juice. Therefore, chocolate milk is healthier for you!

Amen to that!

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Sarah SSM said...

And that is definitely good news.