Tuesday, January 13, 2009


First- sorry this took a few days to get up. The doctor discovered that my chronic ab pain was actually due to an interior piece that was twisted up in the wrong position. She was able to untwist and resolve that little issue and I feel loads better. But I did spend a good bit of time this past week curled up on the couch with a heating pad and Nurse Kitty. Nurse Kitty is my black-and-white cat, who looks very seriously into my face, diagnoses with an astute "mew", and prescribes naps. Here, he'll demonstrate...

Epiphany had its latest Evensong. I continue to work on my chanting (not my greatest strength, and I'm never convinced about my tone. Methinks Dr. Whitmire would send me back to voice lessons again!). But the choir rocked the casbah with their gorgeous soaring rendition of The Lord's Prayer, and they did a proper round on Hymn 25, the one about evening coming. My classmates from voice class, actually, will remember that song as our final exam which we had to sing for breakfast one day. It's one of my absolute favorites, and truly gorgeous when sung in a round.

Afterwards, we lit stuff on fire. Amen to that. Here's a few bonfire pictures.


Klassiklehrer said...

Your cat probably has good advice on healing. This week I discovered, almost independently, that the mantra I've been hearing all my life about drinking a lot when you have a cold is really true.

After trying everything else, I began tanking up on water. (You know when you drink 16 ounces at bedtime and don't have to get up in the night that you've been dehydrated.) Progress has been great, and my only med has been a 12-hour nasal spray. And water all the time. Only Sunday after church did I have a cup of coffee.

Don't wait till you're my age to get smart about water. (This operates at some theological level, too, doesn't it?)

The Vagabond Priest said...

Ooo, I totally get dehydrated so easily! (Even more so since a serious dehydration episode while training for a long-distance bike event landed me in the doctor's office). You remind me to run downstairs and get me some water to be sipping while I work!

I also have to remember to keep water on my night stand- I sometimes wake up parched. If I can get a sip of water, then I fall right back asleep. That should be a sign, no?