Monday, November 17, 2008

The Priest's Cats

So... I was down at **name withheld** church in a very, very wealthy town in the westernmost section of CT. And they have a bookstore. I stopped by, I found a cool wood dice-shaped block with different table graces printed on it. (Great way to impress the in-laws... roll the dice and pray the prayer. No having to think up your own prayer on spur of the moment!)

I also found "An Advent Calendar For Your Cats", complete with a fuzzy Christmas-card style picture of kittens. It contains the appropriate number of little kitty treats.

Thank you, **name withheld**, for helping my cats become closer to Jesus. I have indeed been sorely neglecting their spiritual welfare and development, except for the one animal blessing thing I dragged them to. But now, for thirty whole days, I can give them cat treats, and on Christmas, let them bask in the warm, glowing Christmas tree and try to rip up ribbons and wrapping paper, knowing that Jesus came to save them from their... er... sins?

That's what church is all about, people...

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