Sunday, November 16, 2008

Making priests happy...

It's tough sometimes to be joyful. In one job, I deal with tragedy and death and life-altering injury all day. In the other job, we navigate the murky waters of a church struggling for survival. I haven't done a wedding in over a year, but I have had plenty of funeral requests. It's tough sometimes to find the joy in your job when it seems all the celebrations are had by other priests.

We gathered the clergy for Safe Church recertification. Can I even say how much I love Safe Church? I was expecting a boring day of dull videos, a re-hash of the same stuff I'd gotten the last two times around. Whoa, can I even tell you how much the Diocese rocked it?

They had large plenary workshops and then small breakout sessions dealing with all sorts of issues from porn to difficult parishioners. I found the sessions to be well-thought-out and actually interesting. Of course, perhaps my extroverted side went nuts and was so excited to see so many people that I lived off the endorphins of seeing so many people, but still.

I found a cool Christmas present for my maid-of-honor (that's right, Jen, I got your present right here!), and I found an awesome new item for my Tacky Jesus Collection. Sorry, Christ Church Bookstore.

I'm really excited and heartened by so many clergy getting so revved-up about keeping our churches safe. I'm pepped up by other clergy affirming certain difficult decisions I've made. I'm relieved to have the Diocesean staff supporting us that we do. Hey, you guys in Hartford, I really appreciate what all-y'all do for us. We're a tough crowd. BUT it was a GOOD DAY!

Here's wishing the folks in the house on Asylum a relaxing week. (Really!) Good job on Saturday. You made me happy to be an Episcopal priest.

Amen to that!

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