Saturday, October 25, 2008

Welcome, new readers!

Hi there to all the new readers who are visiting to check me out after the blog workshop at Convention. It was really a pleasure to assist Matthew Scott, Laura Ahrens, and Karin Hamilton.

I'm currently engaged in trying to write my sermon. In fact, my husband has bribed me with promises of pizza and a movie, and he is out picking them up. (Does he ROCK or what?) So I have just a few minutes left to bring some sense to the readings for tomorrow.

It's good classic stuff, like the death of Moses and the Greatest Commandment. Sometimes I find the Collect to be helpful in parsing readings for the inner connections, but I have to say that this week's collect is so nicey-nice as to be pretty useless. "God, increase in us gifts of faith, hope, and charity; and, that we may obtain what you promise, make us love what you command". Not helpful, thanks. There's no meaty middle in there. It's just asking God to make us better than we are, to change the stuff of right now.

But how can we talk about what we are becoming unless we speak of what we are? Is there a place in this sermon for a bit of truth-telling about how we are constantly becoming new in God.

I suppose I want to preach an ACTION sermon, but the readings this week are reading almost like soundbites from an election: Candidate A supports law and order; Candidate B preaches a return to old-fashioned values and faith. Perhaps I'm also a little news-ed out from election coverage.

Well, please enjoy yourselves on the archives, the blogroll, the comments, and the other blogs of the world. I recommend Ship-of-Fools for some churchy type fun. Check out the Kitchmas and Jesus Shop.

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