Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well, after waking up all nice and warm and cozy on my day off, it's 9:30 and I remember now why Thursdays are not great days off. So many chores to do, bills to pay, bathroom to clean, checks to deposit... My neck and shoulders are killing me!

And my insides are all twisted up ALREADY. I just read the paper and the online news, and read about people perpetrating political attacks on themselves and hanging Gov. Sarah Palin in effigy. Now, yes, I totally disagree with her in so many ways it's not even funny. But even so: to me, it is never O.K. to hang anyone in effigy. Doesn't matter if it's Sarah Palin, Presiding Bishop, black men, or KKK figures, or Osama Bin Laden effigies. It's still a human figure, and it's still fantasizing violence on a real person. It's just never, ever O.K. to perpetrate violence upon other human figures. (Yes, I insert caveats here for police and military, and that issue is far too complex to parse right now!) It is far, far too easy to de-sensitize yourself in our everyday life. Is that the sort of legacy we want to give our kids? If you don't like someone, no need to engage thoughtfully, or to work to bring about a different reality. Just kill, do violence, get angry, and do NOTHING in the end. That person who made that Sarah Palin effigy has done NOTHING for the world. Except foster hate. That's a pretty shameful thing to teach our kids. That's pretty shameful for our world.

In my little church world, I seem to have stepped in it slightly when I questioned if we should call the upcoming Deanery meetings "emergency", and elevate a normal planning process into the status of CRISIS. We're just electing a Bishop as normal. Apparently, CT parlance is to call non-scheduled meetings "emergency" and no one is ACTUALLY freaking out. (Well, maybe one person, who needs a hug...) But wow, I spend SO much time in the church trying to DIAL DOWN from crisis. In God's time, don't we get to rest from our labors and enjoy a time of peace?

I think I'm going to change now, go to the gym, and do some bike riding and iPod listening. My newsreaders are going off for the day. No more news. I'm re-centering the rest of today. Though I am STRONGLY thinking of calling my Bishop and asking if I can borrow her dog for some dog therapy!

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