Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ordination Bibles...

So I have a confession... I have never before actually used the Bibles I got at ordination. We get a small, portable one for our Diaconate, and a big, desk one for our Priestly. (At least in this Diocese.) They are very, very nice Bibles- we're talking guilt edges. They are also the same edition- the New Oxford Annotated, NRSV, that I had bought when I went into Seminary. I keep my Seminary Bible, and my looseleaf notebook that I call "The Ultimate Study Bible" (a now-two-volume set of every reading I have ever researched or preached on. 7 years into it, I still don't have the full Bible...) in my office at church. I wrap up my Sundays by printing out the readings and starting the next week's sermon.

I was on vacation last Sunday, so I did not do my usual process. So today, I decided I really wanted to read the full story around this pericope (that's the little part of the story we read each week), so I delved into my Priestly Ordination Bible for the first time ever. I've only had it out of the box once, since I feel like it's too pretty to be an every day thing.

There's my declaration certification and the presentation card signed and a little service for dedication of the gifts the parish gave me at ordination.

I think it's a sign. "Write the sermon, Betsy... this is your work."


Susie/Nueva Cantora said...

In my diocese, we get a small portable one for our diaconate... and then we bring it back for our priesting and they give it to us again! But, its small and zips up, so I do use it sometimes.

The Vagabond Priest said...

:-) I got hooked on my Bibles-on-Palm. Maybe that's why no one ever asks me to read at impromptu clericus meetings... they know I'd be whipping out the pixellated words of God...

My thing that lasted me two ordinations was my stole- my mother made it with ties for my diaconate, then I had all the guests at my priestly one sign the back.

Matthew Scott said...

Yeah, I actually like my ordination Bible better than my identical one that I used through seminary. The ordination one is softcover, so it stays open better.
Thanks again for the shout out in your new post.
(I started this blog and it might be where I spend more time)