Monday, September 29, 2008

Service Planning

Blessing of the Animals coming up on Sunday. So much to coordinate- like making sure the organist really understands that we are doing Morning Prayer (not Eucharist). Since we almost never do MP, it's all seat-of-the-pants learning for him. And seeing if any of the invited guests are coming. Dude! You people got INVITATIONS! Didn't your momma teach you ANYTHING? RSVP, already! And thinking through the service movements, and making sure the animal tamers know how to tame their animals and getting ready to take my poor kitties for a little ride, and SHOOT! Remembering that I forgot to order the second leash to match Origami's collar, and discovering that Snowbeast has SLIPPED his collar and is running around naked! Naked cat in my house!

But seriously, isn't that what life as God's people is all about? A little bit of chaos that will resolve into something like just-barely-contained order by Sunday, when we recognize and bless those creatures who share their lives with us?

And somewhere in there, there will be a sermon. And prayers. And readings. And praise to God. And I think that might be what it's all about.

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