Monday, September 29, 2008

Home from vacation, part one

We spent our weekend on a little whirlwind tour of Montreal. It was lovely to have a Sunday off. It is SO rare. I love sleeping late when everyone I know is "at work", and I love lazy brunch. Well, this one was a little off, as we were hoping to have tea at the Ritz... but it was CLOSED! Well, part of it was. We were mis-directed by our own hotel to the Ritz-Carlton APARTMENTS. Not having internet, we could not check and discover that the Ritz-Carlton HOTEL was actually in the OTHER direction, and so we missed out on our high tea. <> I long for high tea. I wish every day that I could have high tea. What is WRONG with our country that I cannot ever get myself a decent cup of tea and some nice scones and some clotted cream?

For background, I became seriously addicted to afternoon tea when I lived that semester in Bath. The Bath tea room just beyond and below the Sally Lunn place was FAB-ulous. Sally Lunn was the tourist stop, with the waitresses all dressed up in costumes. The Bath Bun Tea Room was just the simple neighborhood stop. They served you nice piping hot tea, lukewarm scones, and a veritable VAT of clotted cream. Oh, la, la, la, la, la. Makes me happy just thinking about it...

Anyway, here's one of the Montreal Photos. It is from the Jardins Bontanique, where we were lucky enough to get to see the chinese lantern exhibit. Whoa! (Sure, we got to see the Japanese gardens, the Shade garden, have a lovely walk and a snack, and visit the Insectarium, as well...) This place was TOTALLY worth the $27 admission! This is a MUST-SEE for Montreal. And pretty romantic, if you go with your main squeeze. Especially if he can part the crowd and buys you a moon cake to share over jasmin tea. :-)

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The Vagabond Priest said...

By the way, the $27 was for BOTH of us.