Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Big E!

Many New England dwellers know of the Big E, the all-New-England state fair held in Mass. each year. Last year, about two days after M and I arrived in Connecticut, my parents decided to treat us to a trip to the Big E. Now, moving is very stressful and we had arrived with no furniture, sleeping on an airmattress in a HUGE house. We would later discover we were allergic to the mold in the house. Suffice it to say we were sick as dogs last year. My throat was so sore I couldn't swallow anything but broth. (Rhode Island house, quoahog stew. It's the only thing with broth at the Big E. Just so you know.) So we decided to go THIS year again to make up for it.

This year, we knew to park in the "far away parking lot" and just walk 12 minutes instead of spending an hour in the traffic jam for the "official" parking lot.

This year, we were not sick, and we could eat whatever we wanted. Like pizza, pot pies, cream puffs, and the essential Fried Food. It's just required to eat something fried at a fair. Preferably, something sort of gross like fried broccoli, but oddly tasty when eaten outdoors surrounded by corn dogs and crazy looking people wearing whack-a-doo outfits like that lady who was wearing a different loud flower pattern on every part of her body, including her 3-D flower hat.

This year, we were feeling good enough to do lots of walking (unlike last year when I sort of schlumped from bench to bench in misery). So we played the "$10 Game". Each person gets $10, and has to go buy a present for the other. You secretly shop and surprise the other person with a treat. We took our $10, and suddenly found ourselves, face-to-face, at the same table, looking longingly at the box of "IDEAL BLOX". It was the funnest-looking block game in the world- like three-D tetris-meets-tangrams, all in rainbow colors. You could stack the blocks SO high and they were even dishwasher safe! But it was $20, and this was the $10 game.

So we pooled our cash and bought the Blox, and came home with our new toy. I'll post pictures later, when we build some cool stuff!

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