Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Paris Hilton For President!

Ohmygod, this has my vote right now for, like, totally the BEST political ad of this election.

Paris Hilton, you have heretofore never occupied a cell of my brain, but now, honey, you are golden to me. Whenever you show up somewhere in whacked-out looking clothes, I will defend it by pointing out your involvement in this ad. Whenever you get arrested and sent to a day or so in jail, I will send good karma your way just because you did this ad. Whenever anyone has the nerve to call you a dumb blonde, I will totally point out that even if the Funnyordie people wrote it, you had the brains to be IN it.

For that, my dear, you are my hero.

Readers, you must click on this link right now. And don't sip any liquids for a few minutes.


media boy said...

yet again Paris is using events to give herself another PR boost... she's a thinker alright

Richard said...

Things out there in the modern media are not always exactly what they seem.

Isn't it just possible that Jesse Jackson, no stranger to a TV studio and a veteran of the media spotlight knew full well he was sitting behind a hot-mic?

Could it be that William 'She Bang, She Bang' Hung of Worst Idol Audition Ever Fame knew full well that the screeners only filter out the mediocre contestants, and were guaranteed to open the door to someone THAT bad. Cha-Ching! Grab that 15 minutes and wring as much cash out of it as you can, Bill.

And is it completely beyond the furthest reaches of the imagination to think that Paris Hilton isn't quite as much the vapid blonde cliche she appears to be? A giggle here, a soundbite 'Parisism' there, a few 'accidentally leaked' home movies keeping the spotlight very well focussed in her direction.

I'm not saying it's so, but it IS CONCEIVABLE that Ms. Hilton is taking full advantage of the modern world's need for mindless instant gratification.

Ephemera is here to stay.