Monday, August 11, 2008

Moving Tips

So... we moved this past weekend. We gave up the oldy, moldy Rectory and its 3,000 square feet of sprawling, oddly arranged (but somewhat charming historically) space for a nice, compact, UN-moldy apartment here in West Hartford. It's much more our size, and we are totally digging the walkable neighborhood. Sure, we drove to Starbucks tonight, but that's only because my whole body is SO SORE from moving.


Here's a few moving tips.

When your moving company is three hours late showing up to the job, that's a good time to use your internet connection to call their competitors and hire a different company. A very nice company called DHK Movers totally saved my skin on Saturday. Sure, I got moved in a day late, but they rocked my rental truck!

When your moving company (the first one) shows up in a tiny car with HANDICAP plates, you might be screwed. I'm just saying.

When you get to the new house, if you walk in and say, "Hm, something doesn't seem quite right", start putting things away in the kitchen. It's the fastest way to discover that you lack the dishwasher you thought you had, and thus the best inspiration to start measuring your rooms and to discover that you are, in fact, in the wrong apartment. Whoops.

When the very nice apartment manager saves your dickens by moving you into a larger unit with a dishwasher, you send a shout-out and say, "Thank you, new landlords!" So we are now unpacking our Big Mess, but we have plenty of space and it feels like the place we are supposed to be.

Amen to small spaces.

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