Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Coffeeshop Writing (aug 15)

I would have included a few photos of Box City where we currently live, but my camera is packed up and I do not know where it is.

I had me a little meltdown yesterday. I think every girl needs to have them once in a while. At some point during the day, with my “to do” list stretching out to an endless “too much to do” list, I sat down and blubbered. M, unfortunately, was on the phone at the time. He came home to attempt to figure out what had happened to his normally cheerful lady love, and got a little… er… socked with accusations that I was not a Stepford wife and couldn’t work full-time, organize the house, reset all the addresses, and clean the kitchen too. Poor guy.

He suggested (wisely) that I take this morning and spend it working somewhere out of the house. Now Starbucks’ wireless access stinks (yes, I have AT&T and yes, the technical problems are still being worked out, but yes, I would have expected Starbucks could have done what Rappahannocks and St. Elmos did years ago and have free wifi, already, and a jazz band on Thursdays, and coffee roasting in house…). So I’m sitting at Starbucks writing away, getting quite a lot done, and have made a list of things that I must do when I return to an internet connection.

I do freely admit that I love walking to the coffeshop and the drugstore and the bank again. I had that in Arlington, and I loved it. I missed the walking world when I lived in lovely-but-isolated Country Land. The drawback of rolling green country is that no one walks. I really, really wish they did. Country Land would have been the perfect town if our sidewalks had been more prevalent. As it is, we just realized that the lack of sidewalks was a non-starter for us.

I'm back home now... on my own two feet.

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